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The Light Bulb Moment – the stories of why we are feminists

When did we realise we were feminists? Was it the inspiration of a book? The influence of a family member, a teacher, a friend? Was it an early sense of injustice, or the slow dawning that something just wasn’t quite right about inequality between women and men? This anthology brings together the stories of why we are feminists. Inspired by the US published book ‘Click’, this book brings together writers, academics and grass roots activists as they share why they identify as feminists. Contributors include Laurie Penny, Finn Mackay, Jo Swinson and many more.

Mothers in Fiction: the marvellous, the mean and everything in between

Carrie Dunn

Renowned feminist writer Carrie Dunn’s collections of literary sketches of the relationships between mothers and their offspring is a must read for fans of fiction and feminism, and for anyone who is, or has, a mother.

Dunn takes the reader on a journey through literary history, visiting Mrs Capulet, Mrs Bennett, Sue Bridehead and Mammy Walsh along the way. Her well-observed portraits bring to life this often-neglected relationship, as we rethink our attitudes to the marvellous, the mean, the flighty and devoted mothers that populate our favourite books.

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